A Small Rental Truck Is A Convenient Way To Bring Home Large Purchases

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If you don't have your own pickup or have a good friend with one, it's often difficult to get big items home from a store. You'll have to pay for a delivery, which can be expensive and inconvenient. When you want to bring your purchase home right away, then renting a truck could be the right solution. Truck rental places, such as U-Haul, rent more than just big moving trucks. You can rent a smaller truck that's easy to handle any time you need to pick up furniture or DIY supplies that won't fit in your car. Here's why renting a small truck is a handy option.

An Enclosed Truck Protects Your Purchase

You might be able to rent an open pickup truck, but when you're bringing home new furniture from the store, renting a small box truck is a better idea. Your furniture is protected from sun exposure, rain, and wind by being enclosed in the truck. You won't have to worry about anybody bothering your furniture if you need to make a stop on the way home. Just keep in mind, you'll want to secure your furniture just as you would for a move, even if it's just a short drive.

A Small Truck Is Easy To Handle

Even if you're moving, you may prefer renting a small truck and making several trips over renting a big truck that you're uncomfortable to drive. And when you're just bringing home a couch or a few yard supplies, you probably don't want to drive a big box truck around. The rental location you choose might have vans or pickup trucks you can rent that are just as easy to drive as your own vehicle. If not, the smallest size box truck is ideal for local needs since it's easy to maneuver in traffic and doesn't have a long learning curve like a big truck would.

A Local Rental Is Affordable

When you rent a truck for moving long distance, you usually pay by the day or week. When you rent a truck for local use, you can pay by the day, or you can often pay by the hour or by the half-day. This makes renting a truck an affordable option when you need a truck to pick up something from the store. Local rentals often have mileage fees too, so you'll want to plan your driving to put the least amount of miles on the truck.

A Rental Truck Comes With Accessories

Another good thing about renting a small truck to pick up a new appliance or other big item is that a rental truck comes with what you need to get your purchase on and off of the truck. Even if you can borrow a friend's pickup truck, you still have the problem of how to get something big and heavy on the truck. A rental truck has a ramp you can use to roll big things on and off with a hand dolly. Some trucks even have back gates that go up and down for the ultimate ease in loading and unloading.

If you need to use a truck occasionally, you probably wish you had your own pickup, but you may not be able to justify the expense. A better option could be to rent a pickup truck or small box truck from a local service like Uhaul truck rental services.