3 Secrets To An Epic Van Campout

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The great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and friends. You may just need to include a camper van in your next foray into the wilderness. Want to know how to pull off the best campout this summer? Learn more about these three secrets behind an epic campout only a converted van rental can achieve. 

1. Choose the Right Size Van and Features

Vans are available in a variety of heights, wheelbases, and seat configurations. These options mean you can tailor your van to the needs of your upcoming trip demands. For example, choose a van with more cargo space and less seating to accommodate extra camping gear. Or, a taller van means a lot more headroom for tall people or those that choose to sleep inside at night.

Some vans have electronic four-wheel drive. Make sure you check with your rental agent for a van with this feature if you know you need to drive off-road to reach your campsite.

2. Pack the Right Stuff for Unforgettable Moments

The perfect campout should be hassle-free so you can spend more valuable time together. Before you pack your van, assemble a list of essential items to remember for your trip. For example, children love to camp out too but require special gear. Include wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and plenty of kid-friendly snacks to help banish "hanger" in little ones. Don't forget playpens to keep toddlers safely corralled.

Campouts don't have to be bare-boned survival experiences. Plenty of cargo room in a converted van means you can stow gear meant to increase comfort like luxury air mattresses, a portable heater, or an A/C unit for uncomfortably cold mornings or sweltering mid-day naps, and cushy camp chairs. Remember to bring along your favorite camping grill to cook meals in case fires are forbidden.

3. Plan your Camp Out with an Eye to Van Size

Converted commercial vans are larger than the standard minivan you may be accustomed to. Many vans are longer, wider, or even taller. You will have a more enjoyable trip when you keep the size of your rental van in mind as you plan your camp out.

Commercial vans require more room to park and move. Make sure ahead of time your campsite is large enough to accommodate a van so you reverse, turn around, or otherwise maneuver into a camp slot or between trees. You and your fellow campers need to be able to access the van to load and unload easily without brush and overhanging trees in the way.

Take these secrets to heart for your next camp out with family and friends and get out there! Reach out to a company that provides converted vans, such as Sprinter van rentals.