4 Boat Maintenance Tips To Prepare For The Water After Dry Docking

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Dry docking of boats is a great way to ensure damage is not caused by water and sitting idle. When you get ready to take your boat out of storage after dry docking, there are going to be some unique maintenance needs to prepare it for the water. Here are some tips that will help prepare your boat for the water after taking it out of dry dock storage:

1. Inspecting the Hull for Damage Before Launching in Water

Before you get ready for the water, you will want to inspect the hull for any damage. The hull will need maintenance and repairs before you launch your boat in the water. Clean any old stains and marine growth off the hull to do a close inspection for cracks and other damage that needs to be repaired before you start boating.

2. Revising Emergency Supplies and Life Vests Required for Your Boat

Emergency supplies are important in order to keep you safe on the water. You need to have things like life vests and safety gear in case of an accident. In some cases, on larger boats, you may even need to have a life raft. Make sure that you have all the safety equipment required by law, as well as extra supplies you may need such as a first aid kit.

3. Changing Fluids and Starting the Engine for First Inspection 

There is also work that needs to be done to your boat's engine before you can take it on the water. For example, you will want to change the fluids like oils and grease parts. Some boats have ring and pinion components for the propeller and steering mechanisms, which can wear and may need to be replaced. A ring and pinion parts service can help you with finding the right parts for these boat repairs.

4. Testing Your Boat on Water and Preparing for Your First Trip

Once you have done all the maintenance and repairs, you will almost be ready for boating. Before you go out on the water, take your boat for a short trip near shore to test repairs and find any additional repairs that need to be done before you start boating this summer.

These are some tips to help prepare your boat for the water after taking it out of dry dock storage. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to get ready for the water, contact a ring and pinion parts service to get the parts you need for repairs before you get out on the water.