4 Reasons Donating Auto Part Sales Is Better Than Using It As A Trade-In

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Selling your used auto parts with the intention of donating the proceeds to charity can make a huge difference for the people or animals who will benefit from your generosity. The fun news is that it can also be the best choice for you. Here are four reasons why selling your used vehicle parts and donating the proceeds can be an overall better choice than trading it in when you go to purchase your next automobile.

Reason #1: You May Get a Tax Break on the Donation of the Proceeds

When you sell your used car parts and donate the profits, you may then quality for a tax deduction. On the other hand, trading in your car would probably not make much of a difference in your finances, and it would not do the good for others than a donation can.

Reason #2: You May Not Get the Best Deal on a New Car with a Trade-In

Even when car dealerships offer to give you the price that your used car is worth for the trade-in, which they may not often do, they may then be unwilling to compromise on the asking price of the new car they're selling you. That can result in a financial loss.

Reason #3: Mixed Negotiations Can Be Confusing and Not in Your Best Interests

When a used car dealer knows how much you can afford to pay for the car or how much you can pay each month on a car payment, some may try to maximize their profit. While not exactly dishonest, they may offer things you don't really need If they fit it in without going over your target monthly payment.

Additionally, a used car salesperson may make the trade-in offer for your car even lower while trying to make an offer seem more appealing because they lower the monthly payment. Having different deals all at once can take the focus away from getting the best deal on your next car. When you add a trade-in car into the mix, the numbers can start going back and forth, and it can easily get confusing.

Reason #4: You Can Walk Away from Lowball offers on a Trade-In

Knowing you can donate your used auto parts in a timely manner can help you walk away from car dealers who try to offer only a small amount for your trade-in. Sometimes you may be able to get a higher deduction for donating the funds from the sale than the dealership is even willing to pay for a trade-in. Either way, you may choose to walk away on principal if you are offered only a small amount for a trade-in vehicle.

Finally, keep in mind that donating the profits from your used car parts can do great things for others, and it can also empower yourself. Knowing you were a part of that can help others will inspire good feelings in you now and for years to come.